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The following feedback came from people who valued my service so much that they were willing to tell the world about their experience!

Words cannot thank you enough for all the time & energy you put into sharing your knowledge & revelations with me. I always come to your sessions eager to find out more & to ask questions and leave awestruck & with lots of positive feelings & wisdoms… It assures me greatly when I know there are people in this world like you.’ 
Extract from a hand written letter received from Teresa, School Teacher – East Fremantle, WA.
“My life has changed so much and my relationship with my husband is better than ever. I know that it is me that has changed and it is your material that has done it.” 
Verbal feedback from Jean, Housewife – Perth, WA.
‘I have employed Mr Brown as a personality consultant over the last 6 months. He has worked with my clients in the delivery of personality assessments and training. Mr Brown is increasingly becoming a valuable asset in the service delivery of my company. I would be interested in both increasing and expanding the nature of the work he can do with me. This would include making use of his expertise in both the area of personality and quality management.’
Letter of Commendation from Patrick, Clinical Psychologist – Nedlands, WA
‘Thanks Steve! And thanks again for seeing us, I couldn’t describe enough how much it has set us in the right direction and helped us. Thanks Mate!’
SMS from Luke, Plumber – Mosman Park, WA
“If you hadn’t explained that to me exactly the way you did, I would have argued with you for hours, even years. What’s amazing is that you have totally changed my thinking about something that I would never have been able to see without you doing exactly what you did.”
Feedback mid-session from Declan, Mathematician – Nottingham, England.

I was desperate for help on a Corporate level to deal with a confusing, dominating Manager.
I was, and am, Amazed. Steve blitzed the business issue in our first session!!  
I was so impressed I have returned to learn more about communication and relationships on a personal level.  
I am loving the journey and having enlightenment in my life – how do you thank someone for turning your life around… you can’t!!  
Thanks Steve, my life is only starting and something to look forward to now. Thank you!
Submitted on my website feedback form from Trish, PA – Redcliffe, WA.
I could include many more testimonials here, but I don’t believe in labouring a point. Suffice to say that I will be happy to show you more when you come for your first session – just remind me to show you before you leave.




thank you

A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

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