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The Specifics

Self-awareness First…and then Advice/Training or Coaching

Because I start with you, the first order of business is a personality session … and this is a core component of my service that ideally, you would do first.  This is because I simply can’t help you to a great deal of depth, without the specific inside information on your behavioural pattern, that only this tool can give me.

The best part about this for you, is that once you get your specific personality profile, you will already be armed with the best possible information for managing yourself toward solving your problem – or achieving that goal you wish to attain.  It quite simply gives you answers to questions that were once too deep for you to even be able to think about … let alone talk about!  It may sound strange, but once I introduce you to your genetically inherited pattern of behaviour, everything will become a lot clearer to you and things will start to make a whole lot more sense.  Once you have this breakthrough, it is possible for me to match advice and/or training specifically to you. Only in this way, is it possible for me to help you to resolve your particular problem (or to understand the particular issue that has been perplexing you).

In fact, your personality profile is the best role model that you will ever find, because it is all about YOU, and what is possible for YOU to achieve. Showing you how to become the best YOU that you can possibly be, is all part of the service!

Your learning style is also part of what I discover about you, so that I can then know how best to teach you to implement solutions.  And even if your problem is solely coming from the behaviour of another person, then this service can still help you in coming to understand how it is that they are doing what they are doing … and more importantly WHY!

Once you understand why YOU do the things that you do … and why OTHERS do the things that they do … you will be in a much better place to improve your relationships (even with those who are difficult for you to deal with!)

Regardless of who, or where, you are

Regardless of whether you’re a business owner who needs some help streamlining procedures … or a manager who can’t see the wood for the trees … or a parent who’s confused about your kids behaviour (or your spouse’s) – why not start the process of booking in for your first session – so you can get a bit of help getting on top of these things (because prevention is always better, and cheaper, than cure).  It is a statistical fact in the business world, that many companies are running with around 35% error and waste (with some really badly run companies running as high as 55%!).  The rework necessary to rectify errors is extremely expensive, especially with the cost of wasted resources – including the cost of faulty finished products – going on top of this outlay. 

But how do you measure the cost of an errant life … or a wasted youth … or a faulty marriage?  There is no rework in life that can bring back a teenager who has overdosed on drugs or a partner who has committed suicide.  There is no time machine that can take you back to your early years of parenting so you can do a better job.

There are three things in life that you can’t recover – the moment after it is missed … the word after it is spoken … and the time after it is wasted.  In my experience doing this work, I see that all-too-often…the things that burn the biggest holes in people’s hearts…are the things that they have done themselves (or haven’t done) that cheat them out of a fulfilling life.  Relationships are fraught with difficulty … but there is no difficulty that can compare to the feeling of loss for what could have been … if only we had done things differently.

1. Personality Profile Sessions

  • Core Personality Assessment
  • Maturity Awareness Training

2. Personal Training Sessions

  • Vocational Assessment
  • Matchmaking Compatibility
  • Couples Compatibility Session
  • Conflict Resolution Session
  • Assertiveness Training Session
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Advanced Problem Solving

3. Business Training Sessions

  • Process Mapping
  • Quality Systems Implementation
  • People Skills Seminars
  • Human Dynamics Facilitation
  • Quality Tools Facilitation
  • Meetings Facilitation
  • One on One Business Coaching
  • Communication Courses
  • Leadership & People Skills

A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

Steven Bailey-Brown

Human Dynamics Facilitator

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