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Life is a series of problems for which, we must find solutions…

And this solution finding process goes on and on … until we die (death being a problem for which, a solution has yet to be found). In my experience doing this work, I have found that all most people need, is the just the right help…at just the right time.  This is usually a time in their lives when they are in need of a practical solution to a real world problem that they are struggling with.  Indeed, we all need help from time to time – sometimes it’s just regular words of encouragement … sometimes it’s a place to escape to where we can get a bit of peace and rejuvenation … and sometimes, it may even be financial planning support to see us through a tough time.  What we also need at times like these, is specific answers to specific questions about what is troubling us.

Regardless of what kind of help you are in need of at this particular time in your life, I know that I can help because I have more than just advice – I have practical, real world solutions to real world problems. I am so confident that you will agree with me, that I am willing to waive the fee for your follow up session if, at the end of your first session, you haven’t already begun to see a way through the particular problem you are struggling with.

Important Areas You’ll Learn About Through In-depth, Focused Information


  • Learn about ingrained behavioural patterns and how these affect the dynamics between yourself and others. Then see how this knowledge improves your personal, social and professional lives.


  • Learn about effective listening skills … Get to understand hearing filters … And discover the art of communicating precisely, effectively, and more importantly… empathically!


  • Learn the science (and the art) of Process, Flow & Mind Mapping to become a better manager (and communicator) of information.

A Focus On You With Rock Solid Specifics

Great Wall

To help you resolve your particular issue, I begin with you… how you think and feel … how you communicate … and even how you approach problem solving itself. You’ll be amazed at how incredibly deep and profound my system is for giving you total self-awareness.  Once you have this depth of awareness, you will be able to use more of your strengths to overcome more of your weaknesses (and even the weaknesses of others).

My material and programs are tailored so specifically to you, that the solutions I propose will work easily for you because they will work in the way that you prefer to do things!

In a nutshell, I begin helping you to solve your problems from the inside-out … from how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions … through to how it is that you elicit the responses that you tend to get from others.

Then, I move on to mapping your specific problem, helping you to see where your new-found insights can make a huge difference to your life.

A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

Steven Bailey-Brown

Human Dynamics Facilitator

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