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I have helped many people over the years, with many different problems or goals. For example, some parents book their teenagers in to to give them a head start in life (career compatibility leading to Year 11/12 subject choices, maturity training, conflict resolution skills, communication skills, people skills, leadership skills, goal setting skills, etc.).  I have helped people with marriage enrichment, or simply to understand the quirky behaviour of a spouse. I have helped families dealing with a teenager on drugs. I have helped other families to replace conflicted relationships with cooperative ones. I have helped some to simply understand a black sheep of the family. I have coached people to achieve a job promotion (and then to keep it).  I have helped others to overcome the depression that had caused them to try and commit suicide.  Engaged couples have come to find out if they are compatible marriage partners. Some people came to see me because they wanted to understand why they seem to keep making the same kinds of mistakes – over and over again – particularly in relationships. In short, I help singles, couples, families and businesses with anything involving people skills, communication skills and process improvement skills. 

My work with people focuses largely on personal improvement strategies and the development of superior people, communication and process skills…

Self-Monitoring, Self-Administering and Self-Correcting … is the concept I devised for training people to become their own Human Dynamics Facilitator – using the personality information I teach them. In this way, they are actively involved in the process of assessing, proposing, and then implementing solutions to their own problems (personal problems as well as interpersonal problems). I put them in the position of being their own analyst, conducting their own diagnostic on themselves, and then proposing their own corrective actions. This is made possible using the tools that I give them – and help them to use – until they become proficient at using them themselves. Aside from practical interventions, like help with financial planning and/or emotional support when needed, my clients largely ‘fix’ themselves (usually after I get them to see things differently to the way that they ‘typically see things’, which all-too-often, is actually feeding the problem).

I help people to see things differently using ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ methodology.  In a nutshell, I show people maps.  They are like street maps … but to life concepts. You get to see your life … and your relationships … and an overview of common problems – all on big word pictures…concept maps…and process maps – that tie all the links together so you can instantly see what is important.  Suddenly, your life … and your relationships … and your problems … all start to make perfect sense – and the solutions are staring you in the face. People are then able to get on with making the appropriate changes to their lives.

This process is particularly apt – because in reality, no one else can live your life for you, or make your decisions. All that can be done for you in this sense, is helping you to see which of your decisions are contributing to the solution – and which are contributing to the problem.

It’s completely up to you and depends on your individual needs. Some clients are happy just to do a personality assessment plus debrief session. Some like to continue with ongoing coaching sessions (particularly if they are after a promotion at work, or trying to improve a marriage or relationship). Some clients see the benefit of bringing along their partner or family members to follow up sessions. Some clients come back after a period of time for a refresher session or for more detailed information on what drives the behaviour of a spouse or relative.  I even had one person specifically pay for an extra session that she didn’t need, just so she could come back and tell me in person how much better her marriage was now – and that they were about to embark upon a second honeymoon!

The only records we get are comprised of the information that you give us on the Booking Form. I do not keep names with personality results – only numbers – and only for statistical analysis purposes to get a picture of population distribution. Your results remain your results at all times – and nobody ever gets to know which type you are, unless you expressly decide to share it

Your results are still your results – your employer signs a contract with me, agreeing that the sessions are for training purposes only … and that they are not entitled to know any personal details that you do not wish to share.  Your employer sends you for personal and professional improvement purposes only – and this is because they care about your welfare and development … not because they want any deeply personal information about you. A happy, well trained employee, is a productive employee and this is the premise that we all work on with these sessions.

Absolutely not. Some people have had bad experiences with this crowd and want to know if this is Scientology. I am given to understand that this group gets people in by advertising personality assessments.  The answer is that we most definitely are not Scientologists and neither are we affiliated with any particular political groups, ideological persuasions, or religious sects. 

Many people I see in the business world have been ‘typed’ according to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Kiersey Bates or DISC.  Others have been ‘typed’ according any one of a number of the temperament systems, or similar models that use colours or animals as symbols for four main types.  What I do, however, is based on my unique research, which allows me insights that go far deeper than anything else out there.

It is best that you do not try to judge what I do based on anything you may have been exposed to previously.  Simply come along with an open mind – but be prepared to be amazed (even shocked) by the depth of understanding this will give you.  I know that sounds a bit like I’m exaggerating for effect, but it is actually true (I would not have people giving me the kind of feedback they do, if it were not).

To solve real world, complex problems, you need a depth of understanding that no single personality system can ever give, especially if it is a fairly simple or superficial one (which most of them actually are).  If you want superficiality, you can easily find out which star sign you are … but knowing this will not help you in solving major personal, or relationship problems. Most people reading this, will already know which star sign they are, yet they are still here reading this … to see if it can help them solve a problem of some magnitude, or give them insight into an important issue they are perplexed by. I assure you that I can definitely help you — well — maybe not you Taurus…you’re far too bull headed! And as for you Pisces — well — what can I say…something seems really fishy about you!  (Luckily for you guys, my better judgement stopped me from labouring the point here. On a more serious note though, if you take exception to my star sign jokes, remind me to talk to you about Barnum Statements when you come along for your session).

What I do is unique because it isn’t any one thing … it is a combination of things that, added together, produce outcomes that can’t be achieved any other way.  I have had people tell me that they have seen several psychologists without any resolution to their problem…and yet, in only a couple of hours with me, they were not only able to fully understand their problem, but also to see how they could begin to resolve it.

Now before any of you start to get the wrong idea, let me put this into perspective.  I am most definitely not a miracle worker … or a faith healer … or a hypnotist … or a magician.  I am simply an ordinary person, much like the people that I help, but with a crucial difference in my experience set versus theirs (much like your car mechanic has a different experience set that enables him to diagnose your car, so you can know what needs fixing).  My experience set enables me to correctly diagnose people, communication and process problems.  And because the tools that I use are very good for this purpose, I am able to help a wide range of people with a wide range of issues.  Some of these tools I had to invent … and some I was able to adapt from other sources (historical documents, contemporary books, modern and ancient problem solving strategies, etc.).

If you are looking for a psychologist – there are plenty out there to choose from … and I am not going to pooh-pooh any of them.  Suffice to say that I have come to see many problems with how people interpret the world around them, including other people and what is being communicated by them…regardless of whether they are a psychologist or any other professional.  Another problem is what I call attribution.  This is the propensity to attribute our behaviour solely to circumstances…or events…or other people.  But there is actually a deeper truth involved. The deeper truth is that we have an underlying pattern of behaviour that we inherited from the great genetic lottery, which we are largely unaware of … and this is the primary reason for our behaviour …including how we view the circumstances, events and people we interact with.  If you do not learn to understand this, then all you will end up doing … is swapping one set of attributions for another … regardless of whether you are seeing a psychologist, a minister of religion, a hypnotist or a magician!  In short, you will simply learn to blame something else for how you think, feel and act … but you will still be dealing with incorrect information in regard to your problem.

Knowing what to correctly attribute to what cause is the cornerstone of problem solving … and hence, I have learned as much as I possibly can about both the art and the science of this – in specific regard to people, communication and the processes that people build or follow.  Unfortunately, no amount of words on a website can do justice to what I am able to help people to achieve.  The only way for you to truly ‘get’ what this is about – is to try it for yourself.  It is worth remembering one thing in particular here … it is only after your powers of observation and interpretation become more powerful … that you will become a more powerful problem solver. Speaking of you becoming a more powerful problem solver, you may want to read the next entry.

From the cradle to the grave, we learn things. We also learn about the learning process itself, such as how to get better at it as we go along  – and this eventually leads to wisdom. We also learn that there are problems to be overcome if we are to survive and thrive…and as we get wiser about problem solving, we come to see that it, like many other things in life, is a process:


In the something changes part of this process, I have found that it is most often our own thinking that needs to change, before we can learn enough from the problem to be able to ‘see’ the solution.

Very often, problems turn out to be good things, in the guise of bad things. For example, in the process of grappling with a problem, we can discover something quite unique, or learn something that later becomes of great value to us.

Not all problems are good things in disguise of course … some cause us to have devastating failures. Every failure can count toward eventual success however …but only if we decide to make it so.

There is only one thing that is worse than failure … and this is to fail to learn something from each and every one of them.  In the great voyage of life, we are forced to make many course corrections … some small and incremental … and some large and quite sudden.  Not all of these course corrections are themselves successful and we sometimes have to go around in circles, until we can find a better way.

There is always a better way … just as there is always a worse way … to choose between – and the trick of life is to get good at discerning the the better way to go (preferably before, or even shortly after, making a wrong move).

The best move that you can generally make however, is towards the SOMETHING CHANGES part of the process … because it, and only it, leads to the solution.  In short, you must do something different for things to be different.

I can help you with the thinking and seeing things differently part of this equation … so that you can make a start on the doing things differently part of your problem solved process.

For those who are still curious…

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A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

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