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Steven Bailey-Brown

Human Dynamics Facilitator

I’m in between offices at the moment … until sometime in the new year … but you can still contact me via email or sms (preferred)  … or you can call me direct on my mobile (often on silent while I’m with clients).

Mobile: 0403 969 527

If you are an interstate or international visitor, or you would just prefer to see me this way, I am available for Skype Sessions.  Just email me or use the form at right to register your interest.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Due to the prevalence of no shows in this day and age, you will generally not be able to get an appointment that you have not paid for up front. I have found this to be the best motivation there is for people to actually show up to an appointment on the right day at the right time – especially as there are no refunds! However, if you need to reschedule an appointment…and you do so with a minimum of 24hrs notice…you will not incur the appointment fee.
If you already have an agreed appointment time with Steve … then you can select the session you are paying for below – and then click the Pay Now button to lock it in:
(If you are a pro bono client, or acting on behalf of one, you can use the donate button further down the page to pay it forward).
PLEASE NOTE: The main sessions that I do – Personality, Communication, Process Control, and Nutritional Intelligence – are all two hours duration and cost the same amount (depending of course, on whether you are doing it as a single, couple or family). They are set up this way because major learning experiences are required up front, in order for you to achieve the change of mind so necessary for beginning the process of solving your particular problem or issue. Coaching and training sessions on the other hand…are only one hour duration…and are generally done after doing a main mind/life changing session (you can continue on with these coaching/training sessions for as long as you feel necessary, in order to bed in the new skills you have learned at the main sessions). 



If you prefer to pay direct from your bank account (this option is usually available via ‘pay anyone’ in online banking systems) then ask to have our bank details emailed or sms’d to you when making your appointment.


Many people reach a stage in life where they are now in a position to give something back.  If you like the idea of people who are hurting getting some solid, often life saving help, then why not consider donating to my work.  I do pro bono work on a regular basis and you can contribute to this cause, making it easier for me to give people in difficult circumstances more time on their problem. Simply click the button below and you will be taken to a secure payment portal where you can donate by credit card or via a PayPal account if you have one.

Typical ‘Problem Solved’ process:

  • Ascertaining whether or not the problem is really what you think it is.
  • Figuring out how the actual problem works…before you start making uncontrolled changes.
  • Considering the options open to you – now that you know how it all works.
  • Clarifying exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve – given what you now know.
  • Identifying the best way for you to then go on to achieve your goal or goals.
  • Providing ongoing support and advice as you work toward your goal and deal with any setbacks.


A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

Steven Bailey-Brown

Human Dynamics Facilitator

45 Ventnor Avenue, West Perth, WA 6005
Mobile: 0403 969 527