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Client Case Studies – Why are they password protected?

    The purpose of the case studies I have posted here, is to impart insights about the work that I do, though without naming names or otherwise exposing clients to any unwanted intrusions into their personal lives. They have given their permission for their story to be used in this way, so that others may be helped by their experience. I have password protected these entries and only use them as intended. In other words, they are not up here for the whole world to see, only for people that I am helping who could benefit from reading them. They are primarily used to impart psychological insights to people who are facing similar situations or difficulties.

    I don’t really like the term ‘case study’ but I realise that people will only know what I mean if I use it. I think I would prefer the words client study, as each client really is a study of sorts, when it comes to helping them to solve their problems (some of which are derived from their inborn temperament pattern and some from their learned behaviours). Many of these problems are quite universal…and some are quite specific – in the sense that they apply to a broad range of people … or only a select few. Indeed, we can all get caught out by common problems and we can also become embroiled in problems specific to our temperament and the particular circumstances we find ourselves in.

    So, if you would like to read any of these client studies, you must either be an existing client or have made a genuine enquiry about a problem that you need help with. I will occasionally give the password to a potential client if I think they could benefit from the story prior to coming for a session. I have published them here on the site because I deal with a lot of national and international clients and this is a convenient way for me to provide easy access to the information. So if you were wondering why there are password protected entries here … you now know the answer to that question. 

    There is a good deal of wisdom encapsulated in these entries and I have taken great pains in writing them up in a way that delivers the maximum benefit…for the minimum amount of effort expended in reading them. And thus far, I have had great feedback about them, so I want to take this opportunity to let the contributing clients know that they are doing a great deal of good. So thank you once again for allowing your stories to be used in this way – they are giving people a great deal of psychological and emotional benefit – and quite often, they are even acting in a counselling sense in their own right … imparting wisdom in ways that I could not otherwise get across so easily.

      A problem shared .... is a problem halved ... and a problem shared with the right person ... is a problem solved!

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